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I was gonna buy icecream, but got beer instead.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I have been recently blessed with the gift of day time hours to do with what I please. It’s somewhere along the lines of, “Be careful what you wish for—” because you’ll get it, and it won’t be nearly as glorious as you imagined it would be.

After six cups of raspberry kisses coffee, half a loaf of banana nut bread and a dollop of Cool Whip, any simple civilian non warrior princess would feel like they could conquer the world…so that’s what I set out to do–probably tomorrow.

For today though, a run to the bank, quick session of retail therapy and a thorough meander through the beer aisle will soon quell this poignant desire to plunge myself into the pursuit of productivity.

I shan’t wish for anything more since, well, I’ll probably get it. Then the simplicity of a quiet day pondering the innards of my thoughts will escape me and I’ll be left with nothing but the distant memory of another week vamoosed from my grasp and nestled ┬áneatly ┬áinto the calendar squares of days past.